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, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america. reporting live from washington. denies that the rebels hit his convoy today as enjoying ase, and newfound freedom in pakistan. a bbc story free to this young girl from forced labor and hopefully opened a world of opportunity. >> the biggest change is she can take her place in the classroom and have a chance to learn. this seemed impossible before. their photograph captured faces -- a look at the groundbreaking work of walter evans. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and across the globe. the syrian government is describing rebel claims that the motorcade was hit today. assassination the attempt happened as he was going to a mosque to celebrate the end of ramadan. video of him unharmed has surfaced. >> no longer do western leaders say that president assad will be gone in months. his forces are making gains in the battlefield, and the war could last for years, leading to a refugee crisis of epic proportions. confidence is his message. on state television today he was shown smiling as he attended prayer
coverage of what is happening in the world as well as what is happening in america. from here is a call next alabama. welcome. walter, are you there? you're on the air. i had a brother served in vietnam. realize like going into a rack them of the women, and putting our boys over there and women and the people here were calling in criticizing. if they would take a gun and do something like that, it is different. if it were not for our armed forces, we would be controlled by other countries. just like in the united states, these folk who rob banks or stuff and this that going on all the time. ain't none of us perfect, but i think our soldiers are doing a good job. media,o you think the the usb then, does a good job of covering our efforts in afghanistan and before that to my iraq? host: i sure do. i sure do.ler: host: go ahead. i am a former korean, vietnam veteran, and to make -- to me, the meeting is you have two efferent sides of the story from different angles. i tend to go to the foreign media to see what they think of us. at the same time, i think the lady talked about looking at wh
, i think we could not be in a much better place than america to have this discussion right now. i am joined by a fabulous panel of experts. usy are going to enlighten and him pack the relationship between growth in texas. many have probably seen him on tv. it ordered member of the wall street journal, he writes about immigration, taxes, many things. i am sure you have read his articles. he has been an advocate for years, a scholar, and we are privileged to have you here, steve. thank you for coming. youthing you do well is look state-by-state a lot. you talk about growth and you look at the state and evidence. and what are growing role are immigrants playing in the country? >> first of all, when amity called me and asked me to come here to dallas to speak, i leapt amthe opportunity, because i an admirer of george w. bush. thank you for the invitation. thunder a little bit when you talk about four percent growth year it i would add to what you said, that i do not think we can accomplish four percent growth without immigration. it is a precondition to get to that higher growth rate. it
>>> good morning, america. and breaking overnight, golden ticket. at least three people waking up brand-new multimillionaires this morning, after an all-out frenzy coast-to-coast to buy tickets for the almost $500 million jackpot. >>> also breaking overnight, a raging wildfire out of control. home after home burned to the ground, as firefighters are injured and the inferno blocked people's escape route. >>> and usher speaks out for the first time about his 5-year-old son's terrifying accident in the family pool. why he says he's overwhelmed right now, as his custody battle with his ex-wife now heats back up. >>> i've been daft punk'd. >> is stephen colbert really angry? or did he just pull off one of the more elaborate stunts you'll ever see? from ashton kutcher to matt damon, so many celebrities helping him to retaliate against the hottest pop band right now. we're going inside the viral sensation. >>> has stephen colbert ever not been happy? >> he's really angry, america. >>> good morning, america. i know some people that are really happy. here are the winning numbers in the lot
, this is what makes america and it's a melting pot and why shouldn't somebody from overseas come in and try to get a u.s. citizenship? good for us in america for being a country people want to ben. other readers call and say, how dare they? they are taking advantage of the 14th amendment and taking -- they're finding a loophole in the system to become american citizens and shame on them for trying to do so. >> bonnie erbe: birth tourism is hardly new. in fact, it's been going on for decades. we're about to introduce you to a young woman who was born in the u.s. while her mother was here on a tourist visa and just graduated from the university of california at davis. meet 23-year-old jennifer chi. she looks and acts like any student but jennifer's different, her taiwanees mother gave birth to her in new york city while on a tourism visa making jennifer a u.s. citizen. why did your parents decide to time it so you were born in new york? >> my grandma and uncle were in new york, already, and my mom was visiting them and that's why she decided to have me because my grandmother can take care of
to see for ourselves in our special series made in america. we have all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for wednesday, august 7th. >>> good evening everyone and welcome. call it the summer stumble. it doesn't qualify as a swoon or full fledged sale off yet but u.s. stocks fell dropping like dominos. japan notably declined 4% as the yen rose against the dollar. here in the u.s. investors seemed unsettled by reoccurring fed chatter thinking the u.s. may scale back stimulus in september maybe not. if not, maybe the end of the year. either way, investors didn't like it. the dow dropped 48 points and the nasdaq to 3654 and the s&p 500 closed at 1690 and change. >>> since 1987, august is the worst month for stocks, so what should investors do? joining us with his thoughts, global market strategist at jp morgan funds. andres there is a summer lull. what is the smart thing for investors to do? do you buy, sale, just sit tight? >> for the active investor, short-term investment horizon nobody wants to be a hero this august considering how strong the markets rallied. if you're a l
to integrate america's then all- white pastime. it was a courageous move by both men. robinson endured horrendous opposition, of course, from racially charged taunts to death threats, all the while triumphing on the field. rickey took on the baseball establishment, defied owners, general managers, and fans. that important piece of history is front and center in "42," a movie that celebrates how rickey and robinson changed america. before we start our conversation with harrison ford, let's take a look. proof--do you do it it? >> i love baseball. i have given my whole life to it. 40-odd years ago, i was at a university, and we had a negro catcher, the best hitter on the so i am laid low, broken because of the color of his skin and i did not do enough to help. i told myself. unfair atsomething ,he heart of the game i love and i knew that when the time came that i could no longer do i could love baseball again. tavis: first of all, good to see you again, welcome back. >> thanks. thanks for having me. tavis: congratulations, number one last weekend. >> yeah, i'm very pleased. tavis: off to
businesses to survive and thrive. we'll meet one owner whose putting the made in america slogan to the test as our special series continues tonight on "nightly business report" for thursday, august 8th. >>> good evening everyone. our top story tonight, banks under fire. remember those controversial financial products that were at the center of the financial crisis? they are back in the spotlight, and so is jp morgan chase. the bank revealed it's facing two investigations by the department of justice, both criminal and civil involving the sale of mortgage backed securities. as jackie reports, jp morgan isn't the only one under scrutiny as they ramp up investigations of the largest banks. >> reporter: the government is turning up the heat on banks about their dealings with mortgage backed securities. in a filing yesterday it's the target of parallel, civil and criminal invelst gages. the probe relates to low quality mortgages packaged and sold in securities between 2005 and 2007. the california prosecutor came to a preliminary conclusion jp morgan violated certain securities laws in connectio
good, go, see you. two americas, a connected one and a nonconnected one. i think people are getting so rang angry about it. >> we are going to have more on that from a different angle. see if the viewers can figure it out. some celebrities are using popularity -- bob is okay. they are pushing causes that say they care about. matt damon being criticized for not practicing what he preaches when it comes to education. that discussion when "the five" comes back. ♪ (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop foro one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. 'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we di
of mortgage-backed securities. it comes one day after we learned the government is suing bank of america. >>> and crash tests this morning show your new car might not protect you in an accident as well as you might think. of 12 small cars tested, only the honda civic earned the top safety rating. and half of the cars tested, were rated marginal or poor. >>> police in new jersey say two thieves who posed as golfers, may have been targeting country clubs from florida to massachusetts in recent weeks. they say the men made off with thousands of dollars in cash and credit cards, after hitting three new jersey clubs. they were arrested after allegedly targeting the locker room of another exclusive club last month. >>> and finally, a little -- trying to get mom's attention. that's what happened with this bear. he was trying to get up on that jet ski. he was trying to distract mom who was interested in eating a fish. when she didn't share her share, he was on the jet ski to go catch his own. hopefully didn't leave the keys. that might have been funny. or a man in a bear suit. >> thank you, amy.
the united states navy of america. can you believe that the vision and the determination so all one person or maybe 20 thousand can say oh, i'm home. i'm home. it's been an honor to be part of that. thank you all of you and thank everyone who will be and was a part of this thank you. (clapping) >> it's my pleasure to welcome supervisor mar are a cowen. she's actually on many city hall committees and boards. she was elected over the retirement system overseeing $17 billion. where is denise. $17 billion of investment money but here priority is her community. last week the supervisor helped with the family and musical and food festival. whether she's working inside or outside of city hall we know she's working hard to keep our district healthy and save. please welcome supervisor cowen >> yes $17.6 billion but whose counting. i look forward in entertaining a conversation that we will be able to have about using this funds making an investment in the community (clapping) we make investments all around the world with this fund why not no our own neighborhood; right? really putting our money wh
. >>> it is the girl next door, kicked up a notch. america's sweetheart like you have never seen here, jennifer aniston is getting down and dirty. opening up to us about fame and family and sliding down a stripper's pole. >> have some respect, that is your mother. >> and we would say this is their big break if they were not already famous. eli and peyton manning are having a moment in the sun with a new viral rap video, tonight on "feed frenzy". >> keep it right here, america, "night >>> from new york city, this is "nightline." with dan abrams. >>> good evening, and thank you for joining us. how did a wildfire cause the deaths of 19 of the most prepared and bravest firefighting pros? and why did only one of their members live to tell the tale? it seemed like a manageable fire until the shift in the wind changed everything. tonight, the lone survivor talks about the last hours, who made the final calls, including the decision that saved his life. here is abc's brian ñrross. >> reporter: the first report of what happened on that fateful day in yarnell's arizona, came from this terse call from a paramedi
and the americas visit the caribbean country as health tourists. in fact, until his death, former venezuelan president hugo chavez traveled to cuba for multiple cancer treatments and surgeries. for many years now, its healthcare system has included a strong element of traditional chinese medicine. but as our senior latin america correspondent in havana reports, this time-honored custom mode which is now standard actors in the country, was at the beginning a necessary alternative. >> 76-year-old orlando damaged his knees after a fall at home. his treatment consists of acupuncture along with another form of traditional chinese medicine. heat is applied to the acupuncture needles to help stimulate the blood flow to >> it's good, he told me. my condition has improved a lot. orlando is receiving his treatment at the main provincial hospital in matan says. -- in matanzans. it is especially popular for the treatment of physical injuries and pain. here the turned to traditional chinese medicine out of necessity during economic crisis following the collapse of the soviet union. but now, it is an inte
coconut today. america runs on dunkin'. whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at followyournola.com. pretzels! [loudly] no, thanks! pretzel roll from dunkin'. try the new pretzel roll sandwiches from dunkin' -- get any bakery sandwich on a soft, warm pretzel roll today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> it's 75 degrees with showers and thundershowers in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. >>> flooding in southwestern missouri has turned deadly. a 4-year-old has been killed and his mother is missing. 30 homes have been destroyed. a state of emergency has been declared. 6 inches of rain has fallen and more is expected through friday. the house of horrors where castro held three women captive for a decade is destroyed. [ cheering and applause ] >> crowds cheer in the cleveland neighborhood as one of the victims delivered the first blow from an excavator. michelle knight released yellow balloons. >>> a man hunt is under way for james dimaggio expected of killing a lifelong friend and killing her son and kidnapping her
? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america. reporting live from washington. denies that the rebels hit his convoy today as enjoying ase, and newfound freedom in pakistan. a bbc story free to this young girl from forced labor and hopefully opened a world of opportunity. >> the biggest change is she can take her place in the classroom and have a chance to learn. this seemed impossible before. their photograph captured faces -- a look at the groundbreaking work of walter evans. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and across the globe. the syrian government is describing rebel claims that the motorcade was hit today. assassination the attempt happened as he was going to a mosque to celebrate the end of ramadan. video of him unharmed has surfaced. >> no longer do western leaders say that president assad will be gone in months. his forces are making gains in the battlefield, and the war could last for years, leading to a refugee crisis of epic proportions. confidence is his message. on state television today he was shown smiling as he attended prayer
the new caramel coconut today. america runs on dunkin'. pretzels! [loudly] no, thanks! pretzel roll from dunkin'. try the new pretzel roll sandwiches from dunkin' -- get any bakery sandwich on a soft, warm pretzel roll today. america runs on dunkin'. >> the port of baltimore is setting major export records. they have 9.5 tons of cargo. they set record export numbers. baltimorethe ports of for worldwide destinations. farming construction and containers. >> and education alert. struggling families. starting this school year. just weeks away. needy students in downtown baltimore. distribute the supplies. the question for 3000 homeless students in baltimore city school systems and the family. think about that. 3000. the number has doubled. it proves that needed continues to outpace resources. officials at the east baltimore center dated is a problem that is all too familiar. >> you think about a man who is sleeping on the streets or husband. women aremployed working hard and there's not much income. expectingcenters are school supplies at their north chester street shelter. you can go to our
platform for south america. >> translator: if we look at brazil over the long term its economy has a big potential for growth due to its abundant natural resources. we aim to provide a wide range of products for our customers there. >> auto sales in the country are expected to grow further. brazil will host both the 2014 world cup soccer tournament and the 2016 summer olympic games. last year 3.8 million new vehicles were sold in the country. >>> scientists from around the world are planning to create mutant forms of the bird flu virus. they want to fully assess the risks the virus presents. more than 130 people, mostly in eastern china were infected with the virus earlier this year. 43 of them died. a group of 22 scientists including researchers from japan, the united states and britain released a statement. they will modify the genes of the virus. they want to determine what make it more toxic and resistant to antibiotics and transmitted to mammals. the group carried out studies in 2011 but the u.s. tried to stop publication of the results. the government officials allowed the results
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in america doesn't grow up excitedly leaving a box of your old receipts at the foot of your bed on april 15 eve hoping that if you've been good an accountant from the north pole will show up on his magic sleigh and reward you with a surprisingly large invoice from the government? but did you know that our tax system is somehow not universally beloved? >> we need to overhaul our tax code. >> the tax code is broken. it's not fair. >> it is inefficient. our tax code is one of the worst in the world. >> simplify the tax code. we need to change our tax code. >> john: whoa, watch your mouth. you can't just talk to codes like that. they're very sensitive. this is exactly the kind of criticism that drove the morse code to suicide. for all of you morse code fans. yes, look, we all think the tax code needs pruning every now and again. that is why we do it, i imagine, every three to five years. >> our tax code hasn't been reformed since 1986. that's 27 years. >> wow. to put that in perspective, the tax reform act of 1986 happened the same year that this was happening. >> i'm cow boy george. and i'm bo
america. >> remember back in 2009 the u.s. unilaterally broke our security agreement at the behest of russia? what has that gotten us? >> i remember the headlines, that said "betrayed". the poland and czechs learned that if we stand up with the united states we are not going to stand with them. we aren't strong, we around bold. when you negotiate with the former kgb, you want to be the dominant personality, those two things are very important. it is going to be hard to talk about letting snowden into the united states. putin looks into the eyes of barack obama. if there was a strong personality there, and someone who was willing to put out a strategy, he would react to that. i see the hand that he is playing. >> senator, isn't it em bar rasing to see him suck up to him the way that he has? >> i think so. >> i think it is. >> senator? >> once he started his administration on the apology tour. he is looking for the love of the world when we need respect. we need to show that we are the world's leader. then russia would start respecting us. we need to start encouraging nato expansion.
: so after five years what surprises you most about walt? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: welcome back to america's got talent. tonight 12 acts are leaving everything they've got out here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what is this i'm feeling? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> stephen: woooo! yes, sir. is everybody happy? (audience booing) >> stephen: we'll be right back. i [ cheers and applause ] >> stephen: thanks so much. thank you. thanks, everybody. please, we've got to... folks, welcome back to the colbchella '01, the song of the century of the year of the summer or whatever. i don't know. thank you for joining me for the end of my career. brought to you by hyundai. [ cheers and applause ] >> stephen: i never thought it would end like this. i never... i didn't. i didn't think it would end like this. i always imagined i'd be crushed under a collapsing pile of emmys. what am i going to do? the only thing that can possibly save me now is some global pop sensation who can perform a mega hit considered by many to be the song of the summer and who just happen to be in my audience right now. >
over 5 years and close the fhfa. bank of america shares fell on a double whammy. shares tumbled more than 2% wednesday after the justice department and the sec both lodged charges against the bank for allegedly cheating investors through the sale of residential mortgage-backed securities. according to the charges, bank of america sold $850 million worth of bad investments. bank executives claim the company did nothing wrong because the securities went south after the housing market collapsed. two banks are being sued over allegations of price manipulation in the aluminum market. according to bloomberg news, the screenmaster company, which sells products made with aluminum, accuses jp morgan and goldman sachs of hoarding the metal in detroit-area warehouses. the lawsuit claims hoarding drove up prices. a jp morgan spokesman tells bloomberg the suit has no merit. goldman sachs agrees and plans a vigorous fight. goldman sachs was sued on similar charges august 1st. jpm recently revealed plans to exit owning and trading commodities. a-rod's appeal has eroded, according to marketing execu
about it on "good morning america." for the very latest in breaking news, you can always stay with us on twitter at abc 2 news hashtag gmm. >>> 6:45 right now. demonstrations, public outcry and passionate pleas in front of city council did very little for those who are against a tax break for a developer in harbor east. many say this is a bad deal for people who live in the city and city leaders say it has to be done. abc 2 news' roosevelt leftwich is is live to explain. what happens now? >>reporter: well, megan, the votes to bring this package of tax incentives and also tax breaks out of committee was 3- 0. and what it's going to do is is transform this whole entire area here into something completely different for the city, but, however, this vote did not come without a big protest. now, the harbor point project would transform about 27 acres of waterfront property into a new headquarters for exelon corporation and bring in hundreds of apartments along with stores and restaurants. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is currently behind this. she and other supporters of the measure say
to a broad swath of america. dr. king's speech was a pointed speech, but a healing speech. dr. king's speech was an important speech, because it charted a vision. i think for the president, and for all of us that are going to participate in after the the activities, we call it a continuation, not just a commemorative series of events, for all of us and for the president i think especially it is about the future. it's about 21st century america, but it's also about a recognition of what i call sinister forces, martin, that are at play in this nation, the discussion about repealing health care, the voter suppression laws that exist, all of this in the face of a great recession in the aftermath of a great recession, when what the nation should really be about is building the kind of bridges we need to build economic prosperity for all. it's important, but it also is a chance action i think, for the president to think beyond his administration, and think beyond his term as president, to set a course which may last for decades to come. >> professor peterson, mark moriel talks about the future, bu
of "collision 2012, obama versus romney" and the future of electi elections in america. thank you for coming here, dan. >> thank you, and dree ya. >> and the fact that you got so many people to speak to you so openly, and going back over the contours of the campaign and the first question is, why was 2012 so different than past campaigns? >> well, for two reasons. one, this was a big moment in american politics, and 2008 election was historic for all of the reasons that we know, but this race was more important and telling about where we are in the politics. i called it "collision 2012" because it was a collision between the america of 2008 that e lekted barack obama and the america of 2010 that swept the republicans into power, and it was a collision of philosophies that were enunciated by governor romney and president obama. and in the end, what it told us about the country is that we are deeply divided and that the election in itself did not resolve many of the questions that were at the center of the debate. >> and do you think that the defining characteristic of this campaign was the ph
goes straight up again. china trade surges as well as germany, and there's america's stock market going up a few minutes from now. yes, "varn ergs -- "varney and company" is about to begin. d every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equy options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens, and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >> fox news polls out this morning, 71% of those surveyed say president obama's recent economic speeches offer nothing new. result of that? 52% of that say they disapprove of the job president obama is doing, and get this, 74% say we rely too much on the government, food stamps, welfare, saying it's too easy to get government handouts. new polls. the numbers suggest the country has a negative view of the president's performance, and his economic agenda. however, investors clearly do not have a negative view of
bellowing throughout the day and it kept bellowing. when it gets down to it the america's cup television the vision as the defender of the america's cup wanting to host the event not just for spectatorers here but people around the world seeing the sights, what the crew members go through, the grinding and everything else that goes into helming this boat and what it takes to be on an ac 72. you feel like you are there. that is the scene here at the america's cup. >> thanks very much. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. looks like an improving wind forecast for friday's action on nbc bay area. clear skies in san jose. we'll have more on the gray days and your fog factor forecast. >>> talk about going green. learn how one bay area company is turning algae into makeup. >>> why it was important to be here today is because nobody was there for me when i was missing. >> a victim speaks. ariel castro's house of horrors is reduced to rubble. the story is next. >>> the house of horrors is no more. the cleveland home where ariel castro held and tortured thr
to 18 years old from new york city. ♪ [ applause ] america's east coast was hit by hurricane sandy last october. in new york alone, more than 50 people died and over 100,000 buildings were damaged. 1-year-old tohar shaniger is the one who wanted to share her disaster experience with japanese children. >> i saw the destruction. and i spoke with families who had lost their homes even halfway across the world were trying to help and we're still lifting spirits, and we feel their pain. >> reporter: they chose "hana wa saku." a song dedicated to the people living in the disaster area. they learned the meaning of the lyrics from a volunteer. >> still there is a flower to bloom in the future. so that's the song. >> reporter: tohar is excited to sing the song for her parents at home before going off to japan. ♪ ♪ >> i guess disasters do happen, but i could also feel the message of don't give up. >> how are you? >> reporter: in july, 40 members visited sendai. ♪ they gave a concert for children at a school. their energetic performers made the children smile and dance. at the end, ypc sang
weekend making ten grand? >> reporter: in jennifer aniston's latest movie "we're the millers" america's sweetheart gets racy, playing a burned out stripper. >> i'm not buying you, all right? i'm renting you. >> from the beginning, i said yes, thinking well, wouldn't that just be great? i have never played a stripper, at least not in film. and then this panic sets in about two or three weeks before, a week before the actual day of shooting. >> reporter: for nearly ten years, jennifer aniston has played the role of america's sweetheart, on screen o-- and i real life. >> jennifer. >> reporter: her path into her heart was carved out of sympathy for her very famous, public split from her husband, brad pitt, who was cast as a victim. who seemed meant to be more of a bridesmaid than a bride. i wonder why it is that people of are so invested in your happiness, whether or not you have children? >> what is it that defines happiness? it is different for everybody. it is a lot of projection, i am so content and happy that wherever i am, knowing that whatever is going to be will be. >> reporter: s
? >> it says that the culture is anxious and hungry for positive stories about challenges that america has met and partially overcome, because they're hungry to know how to perfect this society. i think that that's really at the heart of it. we want to know that the high ideals that we're formed around are continued. we want to know that these challenges still require to be met, and that there's so much divisiveness and fractiousness in our society, and there's a big industry that is constructed around keeping us apart and servicing our opinions and fostering and supporting our prejudices. i think it's the hunger to want to feel like an american, and want to come together to help meet the challenges that we face. tavis: you've said something here now very powerful, and i want to take it, for the sake of conversation and for the sake of pushing you to get your thoughts, and flip it on you. i think you're right about everything you've said. in the tradition of the black church, i'd say "amen" in agreement with everything you've just said. i think that it could be argued that one of those industr
of california. >> quadruple threat, america's cup --. >> spencer christian has the forecast. >> accu-weather forecast center, we are looking for a warmup this weekend. what are you doing back there? ow! that hurt! no, no, no, no. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no! (mom vo) you never know what life's gonna throw at you. if i gotta wear clothes, you gotta wear clothes. (mom vo) that's why i got a subaru. i just pulled up. he did what now? no he's never done that before! oh really? i might have some clothes in the car. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. >>> some alarming news about toxic water hitting the west coast. 300 tons of contaminated water is pouring into pacific ocean from japan. it's coming from a crippled nuclear power plant. how to stop the radioactive material to reach our shores. >> it's a staggering revelation. nearly 72,000 gallons of radioactive water ar
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the news during good morning, america, or just tune into news channel 8 for more. >> all right, 6:06, your temperature 76 degrees. still ahead, adam giving us a sneak peek at the county fair. >> coming up, why you are forking over for bacon. >> there's going to be some change ahead of us today. >> in the form of rain, right, jackie? >> i think a better chance today than what we had yesterday. and quite a few of us got wet then. it is a warm start this morning. look at our temperatures. 76 in d.c. 66 is in frederic, and your temperature in culpepper is 73 degrees to start our day. there you can see the showers and thunder showers that moved through. things look good now. a few breaks in the clouds can be expected on and off throughout the day. we do have some fog issues. so we are down to about third of a mile visibility, use some caution for you are traveling in this area, or heading up that way, just under a mile visibility, you can see no problems here within the metro area. if you are traveling in the air today, there may be delays up and down the east coast, and that includes the big t
player. >> he's got the ball. >> that astroturf. >> thank you for joining us everybody. america live starts right now. >> bye bye. >>> woe begin with a fox news alert. brand new fox news poll numbers to talk about today. americans appear to be tuning out the president's message on fixing the economy. welcome to "america live" everyone. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. weekly applications for unemployment rise. the four-week average has fallen to the lowest level in almost six years. we'll break down all of those numbers, including the fine print for you. this comes in the middle of the series of campaign-style features that president obama has been making across the country. selling his economic plan and calling republicans in congress the obstacles to true progress. >> now, unfortunately for the last year or so, we've had an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals that shift focus away from what do we need to do to shore up middle class families and create ladders of opportunity for folks to get in the middle class? and as washington hea
on and president obama's soaring rhetoric about the promise of america, life, liberty, justice and equality for all has already been forgotten by many. and i know that many, many people in america will not think of dr. king again until his holiday rolls around again next year. but i would like for us to pause tonight and think more deeply about the meaning of dr. king's life and his legacy and what it has to teach us about our nation's president. it seems particularly important for us to do that given that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. 50 years have passed. 50 years have passed since king's voice soared over the washington monuments declaring his dream, i have a dream. it is a dream deeply wounded in the american dream. and yesterday while i was watching president obama's inaugural address i heard echoes of king's speech. i have a dream. and when i turned off my television set, i spent a few minutes reflecting on the question. are all of us, all of us truly welcome to share in this dream, the same dream that dr. king dreamed? most americans i'm sure can recite por
in america? >>> good evening and we begin tonight with a water world from colorado to the carolinas. this is what happens when a rain maker storm stalls over the middle of the country. we're seeing families stranded on water logged porches, a car turned into a kind of a noah's arc and there in missouri what looks like a lake is actually a highway. 12 states are facing threats of floods tonight, so much rain they're measuring it not in inches but in feet. abc's meteorologist ginger zee tells us what's to come. >> that's the bank of the river there and all these houses under water. >> reporter: swallowing neighborhoods whole, shutting down highway 44, dismantling roads from beneath. the floodgates erupting on the osage river. the relentless rains leaving camp grounds, and soccer fields, hardly identifiable. in waynesville, missouri, they are still searching for a woman swept away tuesday. her 4-year-old son already found dead. in the last seven days, parts of missouri have had more than 15 inches of rain, the town of richland with at least 17 inches. the culprit -- this stationary fro
can't burn it in america, put it on a train, ship it over to china or india. so, we got market forces. and against that we have to marshal intelligence and collaboration and political response, because this stuff is serious. and the fact that people aren't worried about it and don't talk about it doesn't mean it isn't serious. and that's the insidious character of this -- of this challenge, that some people know about it, 90, 97% of the scientists who deal in climate science all agree that when it comes to doing something it takes leadership. and not just political leadership, but business leadership, church leadership, academic leadership. and that's the context, i believe, in which you have come together. you're focusing on solar energy. that's a big piece. there's plenty of sun out there to take care of our energy. it's going to take time. it's going to take technology. it's going to take scientific breakthroughs, research, and development. and it's going to take storage. and it's going to take various insebastianvv stifle. just in california you have some cities that charge 1800 b
angry, america. >>> good morning, america. i know some people that are really happy. here are the winning numbers in the lottery. get it out. 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball, 32. >> oh. foiled by 32. >> just -- i was just going to say, that 32. >> we were close. line up because we've all gone winless. except for three. two of them coming actually in new jersey. here's one look at little egg harbor. it is in the sandy disaster zone. so, some real joy headed to a place that could use it. meanwhile, our linsey davis tracking the latest overnight from another winning location in the state of new jersey. that's where we find her. south brunswick, the place. linsey davis, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this is the super stop 'n shop. things opening up here. we were able to talk to one of the employees not too long ago inside. and he was telling us this isn't normally the place that has lottery frenzy. if you wanted to line up for a powerball ticket, there was no line at all. and while he has no idea who purchased that winning ticket, he's convinced som
an endorsement today from the labor unions of north america. this is expected to happen at noon at the baltimore training fund on wilkins avenue. >>> more details about maryland's tax-free week. comptroller peter francha will hold a news conference at lech:30 at towson town center. tax-free week begins sunday, it runs through saturday, august 17th, and during tax-free week, qualifying shoes, clothing, priced less than $100 will be exempt from maryland's 6% sales tax. >>> megan? >> yes. >> we didn't win. >> i know. >> looks like you will have to report to work this morning just as we did. those winning lottery tickets for the powerball, there were three of them, but none of them here in maryland. two in jersey, one was in minnesota, so right before the drawing the jackpot had grown to $448 million and here are the winning numbers, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball was 32. lele of -- lynette. >>> all right, charley, we got a lot of rain this morning, but we do have that patchy fog out there. i'll tell you when the rain moves in and when the fog moves out. that's all coming up. >>reporter: wel
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